Thank you so much for visiting my website! My name is Jennifer Blake (you can call me Jenn) and I am a family storytelling and lifestyle photographer in Oromocto, New Brunswick, serving the Fredericton area.

Blueberry Hill Images is about nostalgia, storytelling and connections. My clients are fun, quirky, cuddly families who love to laugh and go on adventures together. They are families who love to hang out at home in their PJs, baking or playing board games. I love hanging out with kids who love chalk drawing, fort building, crafts and bubble baths, parents who don't mind if their kids stay up a bit late to watch the stars together. And kids who might run away from the camera but secretly love the attention. I have also met many first-time parents getting to know their new baby, learning about her personality, admiring her perfection through sleepy eyes.

I am a mom who can't ever get enough of the little details of my kids, and I get a little sad when they grow out of their quirks and move on to the next stage. I want to take photos of those details for moms like me because I get how hard it is to find the time. And before you know it, they are grown up.

Look at your children and think about the things you love about them. They will want to look back and remember these days. And they want to see you there with them. This is your time to make memories with them and document every little thing.quote

What is the difference between documentary - or storytelling - and lifestyle photography?

Documentary - or storytelling - photography means no posing or direction at all. These images really do tell a story about your family as you are. My goal is to show your real life, personalities, and moments that are meaningful to your everyday. 

Lifestyle photography is a way of showing the connections and love between people through natural images, without much posing. During a lifestyle session I may give you direction, choose the best locations based on lighting or give you advice on how to interact.

No matter what type of session is right for you, you'll get beautiful images that you'll treasure for the rest of your life.

Take a look at my website, browse my galleries and learn a little about me. Then get in touch and tell me what details you want to document, what adventures you want to go on and the memories you want to make. I can help you make it happen!


"My favourite photos were the up close silly smiles of my children - they were totally natural and not forced. I also loved our outdoor photos as the kids were having so much fun in the fresh air, their smiles are so genuine in those photos and the afternoon light was perfect.


"I loved that at the first of our shoot when we were disappointed about the location we had chosen not being what we expected, we were still able to capture some amazing photos and Jennifer was willing to go to a secondary location :) I also loved how comfortable the shoot was and how there was no stress to have two kids sit and say cheese for hundreds of pictures. I love Jennifer's style of photography. Each and every photo she took of our family was amazing."

~ Alicia

"Although it didn't go according to 'my plan' initially, everything turned out so great. The kids warmed up, they had fun, we made some memories, and you captured 'real life' for us by encouraging them to just be themselves. Thinking back on these days the photos will help us to remember that not every moment is sitting still with a pretty smile, but rather being true to yourselves and enjoying life the way you normally do."

~ Erin

"It was fun to get photos done in our home! We are at such a busy time in our lives, both being in law school and recently moving into our new home. We are both so happy to have some pictures of just everyday life that we can look back on of this time."

~ Alicia

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